Josh + Loriel: St. Louis Love

January 14, 2021

We did it guys. We have officially started booking in St. Louis enough that we decided to open our market wide to The Show Me State. Let me tell ya, we have a lot to show. *wink* I want to kick off this big shabang with one of our favorite sessions in one of our favorite locations.

Let’s Start at Busch Stadium

“Our hotel is literally RIGHT by the stadium. We could start with photos there and then head to our next location.” I said, casually opening up the floor for Loriel to give me her feedback. ” A huge smile flashed across her sweet face. “Oh my gosh Josh would LOVE that. He was wanting to take photos in his jersey and I just laughed at him, but I know this is going to make him so happy.” Loriel giggled.

And that’s exactly how we decided to make their casual outfits really pop and show those Cards some love.

Forest Park (Yeah, you knew that was coming)

Ok, so yeah we get it. Everyone and their parakeet take photos at Forest Park. I fall in love with it a little more each time I go. As you know Tommy is from Missouri. He has always loved the cities in his home state and I knew he couldn’t wait to share his love of everything it has to offer with me. When he took me to Forest Park while we were dating I fell in love. The plays, the museum, the zoo, the culture, and the history were just way too cool. St. Louis was brimming with amazing stories and a rich history that I just hadn’t seen in little ole Arkansas. Fast forward to this year, we have now done 5 beautiful shoots in this park and this set is one of our faves.

Art Museums, Perfect Sunsets, and “Uhhh where are the keys?!?!”

You get where this one is going based on the heading right? haha! So we shot for about a half an hour around Art Hill and soaked in all the day had to offer. It included, but was not limited to, perfect weather, the flirtiest couple ever, Josh’s dimples (that could hold soup), Loriel’s laugh that lit up the entire end of the city, and Tommy having to remind me that we were in a crowded park full of people that probably didn’t want to hear me yelling “YESSSS OMG GET IT GIRL! WERK IT JOSH. Yes I love that. Oh my word you guys are too much!” I hype up my people. What can I say?

About this time we were ready for their outfit change number 3. We headed back to our cars and I whipped out the changing tent. Little did we know in our hurry to get back to having fun, the keys were placed in a pair of shoes that made its way back into their car and you guessed it. The car locked. Luckily our hair and makeup artist, Lavonne, was not only incredibly skilled in the art of beauty, but also Josh and Loriel’s saving grace when it came to getting AAA to come and pop the lock while we kept working in the last bit of sun we had. We weren’t going to let it slow us down.

P.S.- They got the keys


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