Let’s Get Intimate, Real Intimate

March 21, 2020

Small weddings are trending and we don’t just have COVID-19 to thank for that. Many couples are opting for a more intimate experience with their loved ones and creating a wedding day that they can cherish every single second of. Tommy and I ended up having a pretty huge wedding. It was exactly what we wanted. As we photographed more weddings together, though, we saw just how amazing intimate weddings can be.

There are a few things to consider when planning an intimate wedding.

Keeping It Simple

Having a smaller wedding means you get to keep that budget small without loosing the swoon- worthy details you’ve been dreaming of. Less people to invite means less money spent on invitations, food and drink per guest, venue, table and chair rentals are minimized, and the hassle of who to invite becomes nearly irrelevant. The moment your guests realize you are making this an intimate affair the more understanding they will be. For those who are less understanding, honesty is the best policy. There’s no easy way to do it. Be upfront and loving about why you have chosen to limit your guest list.

Tip: Speak with love. Address the ones asking questions with respect and understanding. Sometimes its hard for people to remember this day isn’t about them.

Venue: Lovely Gardens, Cozy Cabins, and Posh Private Clubs

You have so many more creative location options when you aren’t trying to squeeze hundreds of people in one spot. Slashing the guest list suddenly opens up a world of ” I Do” spots. Get funky, get crazy, and get fresh with locations. Think about using your family’s back yard, your favorite local restaurant and patio, local or State Parks, vineyards, don’t rule out beautiful scenic hikes, and consider your love story. What’s a location that means the most to you two?

Tip: Some of the most amazing venues are hidden gems because a TON of venues are geared towards large soirees and over shadow the little guys. Do some digging. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find. Keep in mind most State and Local Parks require a permit to get married on their grounds. So do your research.

VIP Guest Treatment

The guests you do invite are able to have your full attention. You get a chance to relax and spend time with each of them. They receive the love and attention they deserve for supporting you on this day. You can really go all out for this special group. Keeping things small means you can go the extra mile for them with meaningful gifts. You can also spring for the good alcohol *wink* and extra delicious food. Treat yourself and those celebrating by your side.

Tip: Consider doing a multi course meal

Everyone Gets in on the Fun

I can not stress to you how amazing a Family Style dinner at any event can be, but it’s especially nice on wedding day. This is when everyone becomes a big family so treat them as such. Sharing one table and having face to face conversations at dinner will be something you always remember. ( Ask my brides who have shoveled in a dinner plate while talking to 300 people, just to rush to the dance floor, how much they would have appreciated this) You can take this opportunity to sit down and soak in the moment. You can look at everyone at the table and cherish them.

Tip: Get your guests involved. Go around the table and have them each give you advice or tell a funny or sweet story. You’ll be amazed at the love you’ll feel in that moment and as your photographer, these are some of our most favorite slices of the day to capture. Then we give you that tangible memory to hold forever. Can you imagine?

Don’t Cut Corners

Let’s be real for a second. There are certain things about weddings that we feel just shouldn’t be thrown to the wayside. Now, this is my personal opinion based on what I’ve learned after photographing nearly 200 weddings. So, hear me out.


I mean it. Do not skimp on your hair and make up. Don’t push your dress dreams to the side. Do not opt for silk flowers. Do not, and I can’t stress this enough, DO NOT skip out on hiring a PROFESSIONAL photographer and/or videographer. These are the images you will take away from all of your hard work and planning. This is how you will share your day with everyone who was not invited or able to make it. These images are what you will share with your children and your children’s children one day. Hire someone who produces work that stands the test of time. That goes for ALL the vendors you choose to hire for wedding day.

Tip: You’re saving money in SO many areas by having an intimate wedding and this leaves you room to splurge on you two. One half of this day is yours and the other half is his so TREAT YO SELVES.

Do Whatchu Want

I mean that. If you want a huge wedding. Do it. If you want brunch for 10 and a kiss at the end. Make it happen. Maybe you want to tie the knot on your favorite hike. I am rooting for you. Whatever you have dreamed up let it be so. If it is what both of your hearts want don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from dedicating your love to one another in the way you see fit. Order the tiny chicken and waffles and buy the nicest champagne, treat yourself to string lights in the back yard, and beer pong by the pool.

All we ask is that you make sure we are there.


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