10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Outfit for Your Engagement Photos

January 10, 2024

Well, well, well. If it isn’t another blog on the internet about what to wear for photos. You’ve probably come across about a hundred of these since you got engaged right? Here’s the kicker about this blog.

This one is actually worth reading. *wink*

I’ve got 10 Tips for her and 10 Tips for him all organized in an easy to follow and easy to read list. Not only am I going to give you SOLID advice on what looks great in photos I’m going to teach you the science behind it. Let’s do this thing.

Dress for Engagements: 10 Tips for Her

Tip Number One: Be comfortable

That’s right. My first tip is to be friggin comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable in what you are wearing it IS GOING TO SHOW in your photos. My job is to show off how cool and in love you are with your man and I can’t do that if you keep tugging at your shirt, adjusting your jeans, and complaining about how bad your feet hurt in your new shoes.

*Tip within the tip: If you are wearing a new pair of heels please try to break them in before your shoot. It may sound weird, but one of the best ways to break in a pair of heels is to wear them around the house while you go about your day with a thin pair of socks on with them. Go ahead and bring a comfortable pair of shoes to your shoot too just in case we have a lot of walking to do in between locations.

Tip Number Two: Dress Like You

If you decide that today is the day you are going to whip out a brand new look that you have never once in your life worn, think again. Choose outfits that you would ACTUALLY wear. Today is about you two and capturing this moment in your lives where your love story is taking on a whole new meaning. It is so important that we capture you guys exactly how you are. If you are a jeans a t-shirt kind of gal embrace it. Want to flaunt a cute sundress and flats? Do it girl. You want these photos to reflect who you are and last a life time. Trends don’t last long so choose something classic.

*Tip within the tip: Trends are cool and all but they are called trends for a reason. They come and go. Think of your staple outfits and dress them up with accessories and layers. No bell bottom regrets there, am I right?

Tip Number Three: Small Details Make a Huge Difference

If you know me you know I love the details of literally everything. Its the little things that bring it all together. Make sure your shoes are cleaned. Press and iron your clothes. Have fresh make up and clean nails. All these things will be showcased so take your time and don’t rush. I am by no means saying you have to go out and get your nails done or buy all new make up. Just take the time to notice what makes you feel good. This would be a great opportunity to have your make up artist for wedding day do your hair and make up. Get to know them and talk openly about what makes you feel beautiful. You wont regret getting pampered for your shoot.

Oh and take that hair tie off your wrist. *wink*

*Tip within the tip: Your hair and make up will last all day if you have them done by a professional. I can not stress what a difference this makes for photos.

Tip Number Four: Keep it Seasonal

You don’t want to be clippity cloppin around in your open toed heels and sundress in the middle of December just because it was the outfit you wanted to be photographed in. Chill bumps anyone? BURR. Dress for the season, guys. If you have pictured your engagement photos for the fall, dress accordingly. Scarves, layers, and tall boots are all a go for this season. Maybe you want photos in the summer. Well honey bunny, you whip out those cute high waisted shorts and flowy tank top and lets do this thing. My point here is: dress appropriately so you stay in the moment of taking photos and enjoying time with him. Shivering with blue lips or sweating through your jacket probably isn’t what you are going for.

Tip Number Five: Pick Flattering Colors and Patterns

Ok, hear me out. We all have colors and shades we freaking rock and then others that make us look like we barely survived influenza in the 1800’s, right? Now is the time to find YOUR colors and outfits FIRST then coordinate his outfits to match you. Let’s face it, its much easier for guys to pick out clothes most of the time. Stay away from overly busy patterns and neon colors. Simple warm tones, knit sweaters, and solid colors are always flattering. Earth tones in the fall, pastel colors in the spring, cool tones and creams in the summer, and pops of color for the winter can be absolutely stunning.

*Tip within the tip: Stark white and neon are going to reflect bright and colored back on you two. These are great in person but No Buenos for photos.

Tip Number Six: Choose a Hairstyle That Fits You

Wear it up. Wear it down. Just do a style that is YOU. Embrace your normal “Going out” look. Consider doing big soft curls and switch it up with your next outfit and throw it in a cute pony tail just to change up your look and bring a lot of dimension to your album.

*Tip within the tip: Remember, your curls will usually hold longer the day AFTER you wash it. Slap in a little texture powder and let your hairdresser curl those beautiful locks.

Tip Number Seven: Find the Right Fit

You know what looks good on you, girl! Flaunt it! Having an outfit that is put together and accentuates all your favorite qualities can work wonders for your confidence in life and in this case, in front of the camera. Don’t feel shy to have something tailored or special ordered JUST to fit you perfectly. Short skirts are cute for the club or a night out with your girls, but not so cute when your booty pops out mid piggy back ride for photos with your man. Baggy, saggy, clothes may leave you feeling slouchy and tired. Clothes that are a pinch too tight may leave you feeling exposed and uncomfortable. You KNOW what makes you feel good. Run with it.

Tip Number Eight: Show the Love

Ok this isn’t necessarily a tip about what to wear, but it does correspond to the overall vibe of your shoot. SHOW us your love. If you guys are into PDA, work it. Maybe you guys are silly and feel more comfortable being goofy together. DO IT. Not into any of that and are more quiet team based couple? PERFECT. We want you to show us how you guys fall in love over and over again. Clothes can play a big part in how you feel for this moment too. You know you will really feel yourself when he sees you and his jaw drops, or he kisses you on the forehead and tells you how beautiful you look. PLAY UP those feelings of excitement.

*Tip within the tip: Spinning in a dress when you were little was like the height of feeling like a princess right? Well imagine your Prince charming giving you a little spin now! It doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 105, this is always a sure fire way to make you smile.

Tip Number Nine: Bring Clothing Options

We always recommend bringing three outfits to your shoot. Bring something dressy- a nice dress, flowy tank top, heels, etc. Bring something casual- nice jeans, favorite flats, cute top, etc. Lastly, bring something to wear that’s sort of in between. Consider what you two love doing together and play on that- sport teams, camping, and other activities such as!

*Tip within the tip: Get creative! One of our couples loved hiking and pack packing. So we went to their favorite swimming hole.

Tip Number Ten: HAVE FUN

This is just a giving. If you plan ahead and are prepared for your shoot you will feel relaxed and comfortable. When you are comfortable you melt into the rhythm of being with your person the way you are when no one else is around. You get photos that look like you because you were being you. It really is that simple.

*Tip within the tip: We will be there to help create this comfortable environment and guide you during your shoot so that you get the most beautiful photos. We will even crack open a beer with you before we get started. Yeah, we are pretty cool.

Dress for Engagements: 10 Tips for Him

So with you guys I can be a little more forward and to the point. No fluff, just facts. Let’s go.

Tip Number One: Comfort is Key

Yeah, I’m starting out your list just like I started your girl’s list, bro. This is so so important. If you’ve recently gotten new dress shoes, break them in so you don’t get sore feet during our shoot. Everyone seems to think that men’s dress shoes are comfortable when in fact they can rub and hurt just as badly as women’s heels can. Make sure your slacks are the proper size and length and that your shirt isn’t too short when you lift your arms up. Be comfortable, but look put together.

Tip Number Two: Choose Clothes You Would Actually Wear Again

Ok are you sensing a pattern here? Now is not the time to get fancy with the spices. If you aren’t a leather jacket, indie hat wearing, hippy, now is not the time to test those waters in the photos you will have forever. You have a style so embrace it. “But Allie, I’m just a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy.” THAT’S FINE. Do that, but elevate it. Get a nice pair of jeans, a pressed logo free shirt with a pocket or notched V-neck, and match your belt to your boots or shoes. IT IS SO EASY.

Tip Number Three: The Nitty Gritty

Shine up those shoes, neatly shave your facial hair however you prefer it, fix your hair, and clean your nails. I am going to be taking photos that will obviously include your hands being seen. No one wants to see the aftermath of the Chevy you’ve been disassembling in your garage the last three weeks shoved up under your nails while you have this delicate flower of a woman cradled in your bear paws. Clean up real pretty for her.

Tip Number Four: Dress With the Season

Lucky for you guys, a button down shirt is always in season. Use a light jacket or sports coat to change up a look. You can dress it up or dress it down with a simple change of a nice wrist watch or tie. Consider layering during the winter with a heavy boot and lighter, cooler cotton in the summer. Sweat rings are REAL, buddy so stay away from darker colors during the heat of summer. A plain white under shirt is always a good idea to place under a dress shirt.

Tip Number Five: Coordinate With Her

You’re a smart man, so I know you will ask what she is wearing and choose clothes that coordinate with the outfits she has chosen. A good rule of thumb: If she has a pattern in her outfit you should choose a solid color ( in the same color scheme as her outfit) and vice versa. This keeps the two of you from getting lost in lines and polka dots. This day is about YOU GUYS so the last thing we want it to be distracted by busy clothes.

Tip Number Six: For the Love of All That is Holy, Figure Out Your Hair

You KNOW when your hair fixes the best. It may be right after you’ve had it cut or two weeks after you get it cut. Regardless, schedule your hair cut accordingly with your shoot. Your girl is going to be looking her best and so should you.

Tip Number Seven: Find the Right Fit

Let’s be real for a second. Ill-fitted clothes look awkward, make you feel uncomfortable, and give off the vibe that you don’t give a flying flip to take care of yourself.

Let’s take the fit of a man’s dress shirt for instance. The shoulder seams should rest just at the edge of your shoulder. If the sleeve is too tight the seam will land on top of your shoulder and if the shirt is too big the shoulder seam will fall well below your shoulder and look droopy. The torso fit should allow you to easily button without putting any pressure on your mid section. The sleeve should fit slightly looser on the upper arm and tighter near your wrist cuffs. The sleeve length should end at the break of your wrist and cover your wrist bone. If they are too short your wrist bone will be visible and if its too long you will notice the cuff will fall into the palm of your hand.

Simple rules like this can be found all over the internet. Do a little research and figure out what flatters your body type the most. We all know she loves that bod so dress to impress.

Tip Number Eight: Empty Those Pockets

During this shoot she may need help keeping up with all her stuff and so will you! Shoot I mean, you have two phones, keys, lipstick, chap-stick, sunglasses, extra shoes, hair ties, a knife, and jackets to keep up with now! Where does it all go?! Bring a tote and be ready to empty your pockets. The last thing you want to see is this beautiful photo and a HUGE rectangle in your front pocket.

Tip Number Nine: Bring Lots of Options

Trust us, there is no way you will out do her on the amount of clothes you bring. Bring something dressy, something casual, and something in between. Bring something dressy: A sports coat, slacks, and nice dress shoes . Then change it up and wear something a little more casual: A nice button down or t-shirt with jeans. Then get right in the middle and get creative with this last outfit: whip out your favorite sports t-shirt maybe?

Tip Number Ten: HAVE FUN

Listen, we get it. Taking photos may not be your idea of a good time. Maybe because you’ve never had a photography team as cool and fun as us? Who knows. Now’s the time to put on a happy face and not just for her sake but for yours too. This is an exciting time so treat it as such. We aren’t here to make you pose and stand uncomfortably like your mom did for the first day of school photos. We are here to give you guys an EXPERIENCE and have FUN.


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