Below we have compiled a list of things our couples always want to know. Planning a wedding can seem to be filled with a lot of unknowns and chances are you may already be feeling a little overwhelmed.

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We totally understand.  Money is not our favorite thing to talk about either, but we strive to be clear and have very open communication.  Talk with us. We are humans too. Be clear with us about your expectations.  We really want to be able to celebrate this day with you!  

With that being said, this is our livelihood. This is how we pay our bills, save for our future, pay for insurance for ourselves/gear, and provide a better life for our very needy dog.  (Of course she likes the expensive food, and honestly Tommy is a little boujee too) We wish we could work with every budget, but sometimes it’s not always something we can manage.  We have to able to cover the costs of running our business and then we have to STAY in business because we love what we do and want to continue doing this until we are old and wrinkly (But still fly)

Maybe you’re thinking “Surely there is something I can do to make this happen.  I LOVE them and their work, but my budget has no wiggle room”.  Here are some things that may be able to help...

•Having a SMALL wedding (Just you and your boo with family and close friends- less than 20 people) during “off” or "slow" season (which is usually December-January for us in Arkansas) It’s a little chilly but its a great excuse for more cuddling, big blankets, bonfires, smores, and whiskey, right? 
•Having a wedding during the week Mon-Thurs 
• Your wedding is last minute and coming up super quick, like 2-5 months. HOW EXCITING! Grab your flowers and your man and let’s do the dang thang!

Can you work with our budget?

In short, no. It has never been nor will it ever be our policy to release unedited photos. Say you went to a five star restaurant. You order a fantastic three course meal and anxiously await your food. When the waiter arrives he dumps raw, uncooked ingredients all over the table. (I’m talking slippery chicken and lemons rolling everywhere) LAME. You love our work for our finished product, right? You can trust that we send you the best of the best. A big ole plate of piping hot awesomeness. Nom Nom Nom.

Can I have the (RAW) unedited photos?

We love to just shoot the day as it happens. However, we love getting lists of family members and combinations for family photos! This really helps family formals run quickly and smoothly so we have more time for you guys to enjoy yourselves. But don’t worry we get all the important stuff! This is just one of the many areas where our team shines.

Do you need a shot list?

Heck yea we do! We rock them both. We always shoot family formals when asked and we are always sure to get photos of you guys looking at the camera. So, artsy stuff for you and posed stuff for mom. Everyone wins.

I see a lot of artsy fartsy photos and couples not looking at the camera. That’s cool and all but do you take traditional photos too?

Absolutely! We are always happy to share full wedding albums with you. Just ask! We will do our best to find a wedding we’ve covered that will have similar lighting to your day. This way you can see exactly how we covered it and knocked it out of the park. You can see that we will confidently shoot your wedding creatively and with pizazz. *tosses a little glitter*

Can I see a full wedding album?

Cash, check, Apple Pay, or a Pot of Gold are all just fine and dandy!

How can I pay?

No, but we are very flexible. If we have to take a flight or drive more than 3 hours, we will have to book a room. Flights and gas reimbursement may apply, as well. But don’t worry- just like with everything else, we make it very easy.

Are travel and lodging included in a package price?

Yup! Tommy and I practically always have our bags packed and Jema (our pup) has her favorite dog sitter on speed dial.

Do you travel for weddings?

Ummmm YASSSS! We are always down for an intimate elopement and we offer special pricing for couples who want to take us with them to super dreamy locations. We are super fun to travel with…you’ll see hehe *casually packs a bottle of whiskey*

Do you cover elopements? Are they priced differently?

A signed contract AND your retainer of $1000 of your total package is all it takes to lock your date in. BOOM. The remaining balance is due no later than one week prior to your big ole wedding day! That way everything is squared away and we can party.

How do I book you for our wedding date?

This really depends on the amount of time you’ve booked us for. We typically deliver anywhere from 300-600 images per wedding.

How many photos do I get?

You will be receiving a link via email to your personal online viewing gallery. From here, you can download them to any desktop and view them on any mobile device.

How do I get the photos?

Totally! The only photos that we don’t deliver are the ones where grandma was sneezing and little Jimmy had a break down or the ones where Aunt Carol closed her eyes. We pride ourselves on delivering full galleries that reflect the full story of your day. We promise to deliver all the photos you would be proud to print and show off to your friends and family. Trust us we know how to create AND pick great photos.

Do we get all of our photos?

Our turn around on engagements are usually 2-4 weeks and our weddings are usually 6-8 weeks. We always do our best to deliver your photos in a super timely fashion.

How long will it take to get my photos?

PhEW! that was a lot to read, but you made it and look at all the cool stuff you learned!


love is ... coming home knowing your best friend is dtc ... down to cuddle
love is ... coming home
knowing your best friend is
dtc ... down to cuddle