Sam and Casey brought their A game on this windy shoot. Let me tell you, the hike up the mountain was worth but the view of the valley wasn't the thing that left me breathless. You guessed it: THEY WERE. These two were made for each other and a little adventure

Sam & Casey

Katie had no idea her trip to New York would forever change her life. Sure, the pizza IS that good but that's not what we are talking about here. Tony flew from Arkansas all the way to the Big Apple just to drop to one knee at the location of Katie's favorite movies to ask her to be his forever. Que the tears in 3...2...1

Tony & katie

These two are something else. I don't know how many times I yelled "YAASS" from behind my camera at these two pretty folks but I'm sure everyone in the park heard. Madi and Allen rocked their session and their favorite furry friend was the perfect addition to our party.

Allen & Madi

During the rainiest spring we've ever had in Arkansas, these two somehow managed to bring the sunshine. Honestly, though, have you ever seen two people more in love? Look at their smiles and the way Colton looks at her? If you don't just melt well then you just get on out of here! Haha

Colton & Lynzie

When Emily told me how much the Rockies meant to her and Chris I knew there was no way we weren't going on an adventure. These are two of the kindest souls on planet earth. They radiate love and faith. This entire session was such an absolute privilege to capture. Enjoy my little adventurers. 

Chris & Emily